Starla Catrina is the protagonist of Transformers Rising Star fanfiction series.


Starla Catrina is a 17 year old genius girl.

She has lived at the orphanage since she was a baby. She was abandoned by her parents. A lot of the children bullied her which led her to isolation and studying a lot.

Starla has trouble communicating and relating to kids, preferring adults

Doesn't express herself

understands complex ideas

Starla hides her gifts

Starla is a child prodigy and has entered university at 14. She had autism since she was three. She didn't speak so the nuns helped with her reading and writing.


At a marketplace, Starla bought a dark-like Matrix of Leadership related to the Transformers for £50.

Suddenly, Starla was transported across space-time and arrived in the Hall of Records on Cybertron. She was exposed to the toxic atmosphere, making her collaspe and unable to breathe.

Sentinel Prime found her in his office and brought her into the vaults as fast as he could. He placed Starla inside a capsule that is supplied with oxygen. Unfortunately, the damage to her body was too severe. Unless she has medical attention, Starla will eventually die.

In order to save her life, Sentinel Prime had to transfer Starla's mind into an empty Protoform that changed into a Cybertronian femme. Her human body was kept in cryostasis until the time was right.

Starla must live her new life as a Cybertronian and never tell anyone about her previous life.


She has golden flowing hair






easily frustrated




sense of humor

Skills and InterestsEdit

She is an absolute fan of the Transformers franchise.

She is skilled in computers and has a knack for science.

She has technopathy abilities, which involves mind control over machines and understanding them.


  • Unknown father
  • Unknown mother


"Oh, cats."


  • Starla means 'star' and Catrina means 'pure'.
  • She is allergic to cats.