List of Short Stories in a chronological orderEdit

  1. The Tale of Darren Turner: Darren is accidentally hurtled into an unexpected adventure when the Collectors abducted his sister Alice. Stranded on Fehl Prime, Darren struggles to survive when he couldn't decide whom to trust. 15 Chapters. Rated T.
  2. The Christmas Special: For Christmas, Alice and Darren are trying remake the days of making snowmen and spending the holidays together as a family. 12 Chapters. Rated K.
  3. Green Guardian: Recruited into the Green Lantern Corps, Alice must help her new friends and save the universe from the threat of the Red Lanterns, or die trying... 26 Chapters. Rated T.
  4. War of the Lawn: Lucus Nickle threatened the safety of the Ant Colony so they shrunk him to their size. As Alice starts her training to become an Ant with him, a sense of deja vu made her realise she may have been in this world before... 20 Chapters. Rated K.
  5. Falling Effect: A crossover between Mass Effect II and Falling Skies. Alice Turner and Rachel Sanford accidentally created a rift between their universes with their powers which will escalate into a new war with the Overlords. 42 Chapters. Rated T.
  6. The Story of Emily Robbins: In an alternate reality, Emily Robbins has survived the car accident but Alice did not. An older Emily must save her world from the Reapers. 33 Chapters. Rated T.
  7. Oddworld: Darren's Oddysee: While looking for a work experience job, Darren was sent into Oddworld at Rupture Farms. He was made a slave by the Glukkons after forcing him to sign a contract. With Abe's help, Darren must escape and free the Mudokans. 15 Chapters. Rated T.
  8. Little Shop of Horrors: After leaving a party, Alice was brought to Skid Row and is now working at Mushnik's as a florist while dealing with a bloodthirsty plant from outer space. 18 Chapters. Rated T.
  9. Entombphobia: After watching the film Mimic, Darren was somehow trapped in a nightmare world of his worst fear: insects. At 13, can he survive and face his fear before the dozens of mutated bugs eat him alive? 17 Chapters. Rated T.
  10. Roughnecks: Starship Troopers: Testing her boyfriend's loyalty, Alice and Ryan are swept into a war between humans and bugs across the galaxy. 41 Chapters. Rated T.
  11. Enter the slums: A ferverish Darren was captured by MNU during his stay, along with a man who is mutating into a prawn. Can Alice survive in the world of District 9, earn Christopher's trust and save her brother? 22 Chapters. Rated T.
  12. Project Robot: Darren was trying to build something for his electronics project. He was contacted by an A.I who wanted to help. But when the newly built robot is ready, Darren is suddenly playing a game that might cost him his life if he loses... 24 Chapters. Rated T.
  13. A for Alpha: During a college study, Alice awoke as a hand-size stitchpunk in an apocolyptic world devoid of human life. She was forced to fight for her life and the stitchpunks when the Fabrication Machine became interested in their lifeforce. 34 Chapters. Rated T.
  14. Darren's Exodus: Oddworld is in crisis again when the Mudokans start disappearing. Darren is on another quest with Abe to save his people and shut down the Glukkon factory that produces an addictive drink called Soulstorm... 32 Chapters. Rated T.
  15. Dark Corners of the Earth: Infected with a parasite, Alice must seek help from a lady who lives in a dangerous town called Innsmouth before it consumes her humanity. Monsters were hiding everywhere. Meanwhile, Alice learns a shocking truth behind her family ancestry... 36 Chapters. Rated K.
  16. Alice Turner: The Dragon Rider: Ever since she was little, Alice has been terrified of giant reptiles especially dragons. She must overcome her childish fears and help the Viking kids before all of dragonkind, inculding people of Berk, are destroyed by the Red Death... 35 Chapters. Rated K.
  17. Bioshock Infinite: During a shopping date, Alice and Ryan were kidnapped by Songbird and brought to Columbia to become Elizabeth's playmates. Alice managed to escape and fell into the ocean. She is working with Booker DeWitt to help get her boyfriend back. 44 Chapters. Rated K.
  18. Race Through Time: Something was very wrong. Alice was ceasing to exist. Shroud is planning to kill her when she is still an infant. Darren must travel back in time to save his sister before it is too late. Will his parents recognize him? 27 Chapters. Rated T.
  19. Beyond the Mountains of Madness: Three years after the Dyer-Lake expedition, there is still unfinished business in Antarctica. Alice joins James Starkweather and William Moore on a new expedition onboard the SS Gabrielle towards the Miskatonic Mountains to face an ancient enemy while keeping her secret identity hidden. 31 Chapters. Rated T.
  20. Sweet Sixteen: It was Alice's 16th birthday. She was able to visit Commander Shepard and her friends before the coming invasion of the Reapers. 12 Chapters. Rated K.
  21. Mega Mania: Despite kidnapping the wrong girl, Megamind and Minion held Alice Turner prisoner for the Black Mass' bounty of capturing a Dimension Jumper. As she tries to escape, Alice faces another problem when a supervillain called Tighten becomes a threat to Metro City... 28 Chapters. Rated K.
  22. Worlds Collide: A crossover between Mass Effect III and Transformers Prime. Starscream has accidentally used the spacebridge open a way to the future which lets in hell itself. A Reaper has crashed landed outside Jasper, Nevada. Alice and Darren must work together with the Autobots to put an end to the Reaper's threat. 38 Chapters. Rated T.
  23. The Return of the Dragon Rider: Alice is the only one without a dragon. Hiccup tried to help chose her dragon at the Academy, but none of the dragons want to be with her. Feeling unworthy, Alice wandered from everyone and ends up being spirited away by a wild Changewing. Could he be her dragon or the next meal? 40 Chapters. Rated K.
  24. Star Trek: In the original universe of Star Trek, Alice joined the crew of the starship Enterprise to explore worlds and meet strange alien lifeforms. 50 Chapters. Rated T.
  25. Kung Fu Panda: Darren's Return: Darren was still traumatized from his death experience in his last visit to the Mass Effect universe. He and his new friend Po are training to become legendary warriors, without success, to defeat a dangerous enemy called Tai Lung. Meanwhile, Darren struggles to conquer his inner demons... 35 Chapters. Rated T.
  26. Darren Turner: The Video Gamer: Darren stumbled upon an Ace Lightning series he hadn't watch since he was a boy. With his life constantly at risk, Darren must accept being a Lightning Knight and work with his new friends to defeat Lord Fear and his cohorts. 26 Chapters. Rated T.
  27. Tainted Legacy: The past has a habit of catching up with the present.
  28. Destiny's End:
  29. The Dragon Rider's Quest: Five years after her last adventure, Alice joins Hiccup and Toothless to travel from Berk and map out the entire world. Along the way, they meet Hiccup's mother Valka who was thought to be dead. Meanwhile, a madman called Draco threatens to destroy the way things are. Can Alice and her dragon parther Ember stop the war? 33 Chapters. Rated T.
  30. Half Life: In the Black Mesa facility, Darren is the assistant of Dr. Gordon Freeman. But when all hell breaks loose, they must fend for themselves against aliens and the military. Darren and Gordon must enter the Xen dimension and stop the invasion at its source. There was only one question: who is this mysterious G-Man? 32 Chapters. Rated T.
  31. Dragonheart: In the medival times, Alice befriends legendary knight Bowen and the last dragon Draco. The tyrannical king threatens to conquer the whole of England and nothing seems to stop him. Due to a mistake in the past, Alice must chose to make the ultimate sacrifice for a friend's redemption. 28 Chapters. Rated T.
  32. The Matrix:
  33. Edge of Tomorrow:
  34. Freddy vs Jason:
  35. Coming of Age: