List of the Secondary Stories in a chronological order:Edit

  1. The Chronicles of a Rift Maker: Rachel Sanford used to be an ordinary girl when an alien invasion came and took away her family. Now surviving on her own, she joins the 2nd Mass with the Masons and is willing to fight for humanity's existance.
  2. The Chronicles of a Rift Maker II: Nine months later,
  3. The Chronicles of a Rift Maker III:
  4. The Chronicles of a Rift Maker IV:
  5. Alien Nine: New Girl: Zoey Collins is a new student at Elementary School Nine. She was voted to join the Alien Party along with a girl in her class Yuri Otani. She dislikes being around her own people and prefers being friends with her Borg. But as time passes, Zoey learns to overcome her anxieties and becomes best friends with her fellow Alien Fighters. Can she face the challenges ahead of her?
  6. Farscape: The Hastings Experience: Lucy Hastings was minding her own business when one day, she was spirited away onto the Leviathan spaceship Moya.
  7. Xenomorph Infestation: Debbie Ricciardi is a horror fan
  8. Transformers Rising Star: Starla Catrina is an orphan alone in the world without the love of friends nor family.
  9. The Historic Travels of Noah Miller: Noah Miller lives on the streets and struggles to beg for money to buy food. He ran away from his abusive adoptive parents and is hiding from the police. One day, Noah saw a release of the new Ratchet and Clank video game behind the shop window. The next thing he knew, Noah is travelling across the galaxy with new friends and saving it from evil...
  10. Cubix: Robots for Everyone: My Best Friend Jinx: Molly is Conner's little sister. Her family had moved to Bubble Town to start over and has made new friends at the Botties' Pit. Robots are going crazy for unknown reason. An evil inventor called Dr. K is targeting them. It's up to Cubix, Jinx and the Bottles to stop him and his robots before its too late.
  11. Bionicle: Kira's Journey: Kira Sullivan is strugglng to support her family while her mother is in the hospital recovering from cancer. While reminising childhood memories, Kira awoke on the shorelines of Mata Nui and in the form of a rare Matoran. With no way of returning home, she must watch out for the lurking monsters sent out by the Makuta. With the help of Toa Mata, Kira learns the meaning of teamwork, friendship and family.
  12. Transformers Beyond:
  13. Transformers Infinity: