Sarah Foster is the minor antagonist of The Diary of Alice Turner fanfiction series.


Sarah Foster runs her own socialist club of friends and cares nothing for "weirdoes" and "freaks".

She has a friend called Judy Parker. They go on shopping sprees together.

Sarah was really jealous that Alice has high grades in her GCSEs and that she made it into college

Sarah Foster's group go out having a good time, dressing well, listening to the best music and hanging out with the right people, play sports

Keith Billings had bullied her.

victim of bullies and act out in retaliation from their own bullying circumstances by focusing their negative emotions on a weaker child. Now instead of being the victim, they are the bully. Good at provoking their victims and generally, they are less popular and prone to depression.

under the radar, emotionally manipulations, exculusion, gossip


Sarah has brunette hair tied in short pigtails and is overweight. She carries red-rimmed glasses for reading.


Sarah can be moody and snobbish around "unpopular nobodies". She can be critical too.

Skills and InterestsEdit

She's into fashion design and reading magazines


  • Mr. Foster (father)
  • Mrs. Foster (mother)