Ryan Haydon is the tritagonist of 'The Diary of Alice Turner' fanfiction series. He is a year older than Alice who later becomes a good friend and eventually a love interest.


Ryan grew up in a wealthy but strict household. His parents are lawyers and are often busy so they're never always there for him. Ryan felt negected throughout his childhood. He became annoyed of their controlling nature when he was in his pre-teens. Ryan chose to rebel by finding a career in music, instead of becoming a lawyer or a psychologist like them.

Ryan was well known in school. He had dated girls, but they were only interested in his money and handsome looks.

When Ryan's parents are away, he set up a party in his house and invited classmates from school to celebrate their inrollment to college and Valentine's Day. He noticed Alice and instantly liked her.

When he saw Alice leave in the middle of the party, he ran out to talk to her. Finally, he had the guts to ask her out. Ryan walked Alice home that night.



Ryan is an inch taller than Alice. He has a slim build, neatly cut black hair and a nice smile. He wears a indigo-black t-shirt, jeans and black trainers.


He is a sweet and kind gentleman. He can make good jokes.

Skills and InterestsEdit

Ryan is a professional guitarist who's in charge of his own band, the Indigo Wolves.



  • Mr. Haydon
  • Mrs. Haydon


Alice Turner (girlfriend)

Derek the pianist (best friend)

Tony the drummer (friend)

Jess the singer (friend)

Cory the guitarist (friend)


  • Cynophobia - fear of dogs



  • His birthday is December 2nd 1995.
  • For Alice's birthday, he wrote a song and played it for her.