A Rift Maker can develop his/her powers to open portals at the age of 12. A rare few can exist in 2% of the human population, but only at a time of great crisis.


A Rift Maker can create a portal to transport between different locations he/she visualizes in memory, sometimes under stress too. After travelling through a hole, the Rift Maker must close it by not concentrating.


  • To create portals.


  • To banish
  • To bind.
  • To deflect.
  • To summon anything.


  • If the power is used often without rest, the Rift Maker will grow weak and might die.


  • Unchecked portals may become unstable and beyond a Rift Maker's control.
  • May have limits for the distance, number and/or size of the portals.

Known Rift MakersEdit