Rachel Sanford is the protagonist of The Chronicles of a Rift Maker fanfiction series.


Rachel Sanford is a twelve year old girl who had ventured out in the ruined world alone after the aliens invaded. After her mother was murdered and her brother kidnapped, Rachel was forced to adapt to survivalism. Her mission was to head to Charleston where her father was last heard from. In 2011,

In 2012, Rachel Sanford was still with the 2nd Mass. She struggles to keep her growing powers under control. She was temporary harnessed and had nearly forgotton her loved ones. Her harness was removed, but the spikes remained fused into her spine.

Rachel accidentally opened a rift to another universe and met Dimension Jumper Alice Turner. In 2013,

In 2014,


Rachel has dirty-blonde hair, pale skin with freckles and midnight blue eyes.

Her hair was originally brunette. But on the morning of the invasion, it was highlighted with blond streaks.

Once she wore a grey-olive coat with coloured patterns of diamond shapes.


Although she is 12 years old, Rachel displays remarkable intelligence and maturity to the serious situation. Before her family was lost, Rachel had never been alone in her life. She desires a friend, someone to talk to and share memories.

When Rachel gets really upset or scared, she starts crying.

Skills and InterestsEdit

Rachel was the best runner on her school's racing team. She did jogging every day since she was 7. She won medals and trophies.



  • Jamie Sanford (twin brother)
  • Eric Sanford (father)
  • Maria Sanford (mother)


  • Tom Mason (surrogate father figure)
  • Hal Mason (friend)
  • Ben Mason (friend)
  • Matt Mason (best friend)
  • Anne Glass (surrogate mother figure)


  • Autophobia - fear of being totally alone
  • Skitters
  • Mechs
  • Espheni


"Believe it to achieve it."


Her birthday is Febuary 4th 1999.

Her father nicknamed her 'a tough trooper'.

She carries mementos that belongs to her family: