Molly is a 9 year old little girl. She is the younger sister of Conner.


Molly was very close to her mother before she passed away.

She was Conner's assistant in fixing robots

She believes her Daddy never notices her because she resembles her mother.


She has shoulder-length brunette hair tied that's tied into a French braid.

pale skin

brown eyes

wears a blue shirt


photography memory

Interests and SkillsEdit

gifted in robotics

loves to play

incredible imagination

She is a good cook. She does it sometimes with Jinx. They were really good at it.

She reads robot repair manuals in her spare time so she can learn how to fix robots.



Graham (father)


Conner (older brother)

Cubix (best friend)

Abby (best friend)

Mong (best friend)

Chip (best friend)

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