Mass Effect: The Diary of Alice Turner: A 14 year old girl called Alice Turner had lost her best friend in a car accident and has been haunted by her death ever since. But when Alice starts playing the Mass Effect game, she is pulled into a reality of unexpected aliens and events. Involved in a war for the galaxy, Alice must team up with Commander Shepard and learn the true meaning of friendship, trust and love. 56 Chapters.

Mass Effect: The Diary of Alice Turner II: It has been three months since Alice Turner had her Mass Effect adventure. Longing to reunite with her friends, Alice was forced back into the same universe where she underwent severe torture from her alien captors: the Collectors. Now she and her brother Darren must build up their team and eliminate the threat of the Reapers. Meanwhile, a mysterious ally haunts the shadows of Alice's dreams as she struggles to remember what happened during her capture... 62 Chapters.

Mass Effect: The Diary of Alice Turner III: On December 31st 2012, the Reapers have invaded the real world and are bent on destroying London. Alice, Darren and Ryan manages to escape into the Mass Effect universe where they join up with Commander Shepard to prevent the invasion of their world. During the Reaper War, Alice has to make hard choices, new friends and enemies. However, this could be her final journey when saving the galaxy could mean the death of her loved ones... 73 Chapters.

Mass Effect: The Diary of Alice Turner IV: