Lucinda "Lucy" Hastings is a 17 year old painter. She works at a cafe as a waitress and walks home every day.

Her father was a policeman. He was known as a wonderful man. He was killed when an intruder came into the house to steal. Her family had to move to America to start over from the tragedy.

Her mother is a doctor. She works full time at the hospital and rarely comes home. She has a strong Christian faith.

Rick Hastings is her 21 year old brother. He is the patriarch of the family. He taught Lucy mechanics before he joined the army. He is engaged to a woman called Esther O'Brian who is his childhood sweetheart. They'll be married in a few years. Michael Hastings is 18 years old. He is the middle child who is irresponsible and often teases his little sister Lucy due to their sibiling rivalry.

Lucy had to look after them both.

Lucy wanted to travel the world when she was younger, but couldn't because of her family's tax bills. She would sometimes sell her paintings to earn money.


Lucinda had graduated high school with high honors at 17. She was on a plane ride to Annecy, France with her classmates when she experiences rough turbulence. As the storm worsens, Lucy noticed a blue light outside her window. The plane thrusts violently and then she blacked out.

When Lucy awakens, she found herself inside an alien spaceship called Moya.


Lucy carries a locket of her parents wherever she goes.


Lucy Hastings was easily frightened of the unknown and a bit of a crybaby. But she can be courageous too.

But as the years pass, Lucy grows into a brave, mature and determind woman.

Lucy is a kind and lovely girl. She was impossible to hate.

Skills and InterestsEdit

She is an exceptional painter in landscapes and portraits. She carries her sketchbook and paintkit in her backpack wherever she goes.

She has a good memory in writing everything she hears down.

She is skilled in cooking and mechanics

She keeps a date book in order to organize her daily activites.

Her DNA allows her to heal faster than normal.


  • Mr. Hastings (father)
  • Mrs. Hastings (mother)
  • Rick Hastings (older brother)
  • Esther O'Brian-Hastings (sister-in-law)
  • Michael Hastings (older brother)



  • Her birthday was September 21th 1982.
  • She's nervous of needles and hates bugs.
  • She can make a high-pitch whistle
  • She was nicknamed 'little bird' by her mother.