Keith Billings is the minor antagonist of The Diary of Alice Turner fanfiction series.


Keith Billings is a bully at Alice's school. He has an attitude problem. Everyone hates and fears him. He enjoys tormenting people who are different and younger than him, especially Alice. He's been bullying Alice since she entered secondary school to no end. He nicknames his favourite victims.

On March 30th 2010, Keith tried to force Alice to kiss him. She resisted and he slapped her. Alice had finally lost her temper and punched him at the nose.

Keith's nose was broken so bad he had to go the hospital. He told his parents what happened and the school threaten to have Alice expelled. Keith would've gotten away with it, if Alice hadn't told the truth about his frequent bullying. Eventually, Keith Billings was expelled and moved to another school.


He is really thin and has black hair that's greasy with gel. He has brown eyes and wears these black squared glasses. He has a wicked, mocking grin that reveals his braces.


Keith is arrogant, rude and intelligent with a mean streak. He has a foul mouth and is a clever liar.

Skills and InterestsEdit

When Keith is angry, he's gets into physical fights a lot. Sometimes unprovoked. Keith enjoys tearing down and ruining people's artwork. He is a clown in classes and tells stupid jokes.



  • Mr. Billings
  • Mrs. Billings




His birthday is March 24th 1994.

His nickname for Alice is "Nerdy", due to her obsession with science fiction.