George Turner is a kind, independant and intelligent man. He is the husband of Abigail Turner (nee Walker) and the father of his children Alice and Darren. George works as a self-employed computer techician and is often away a lot. He returns on weekends and the special holidays.

George Turner was born August 6th 1961 in LA, California. He is the oldest of two sisters, Cheryl and Holly. George joined the Royal Navy at 18 and worked as a 2nd Class Electronics Techician. He retired after meeting and marrying Abigail on January 14th 1984.




  • During his childhood, George had strange dreams about his journeys going on without end.
  • He is a fan of Arthur C. Clark's novels.
  • His favorite food is chili and rice.
  • His nicknames are Hungry Man and Chili Man.