Emily Robbins was a young girl who died in a car accident four years before the events of The Diary of Alice Turner fanfiction series. Her death was a major influence on Alice, accepting that life is precious and became responsible with her choices.


At the age of 5, Emily Robbins met Alice Turner when they attended primary school together. They quickly became best friends and shared an unbreakable bond that makes them act like sisters.

One day, Emily Robbins was invited over to Alice's favorite place: Bedworth Park. They played games together on the playground so they won't be bored, such as hide n' seek, climbing and racing. As they sat on the swings, Alice and Emily talked about their dreams and what they wanted to be when they're adults.

She hates violence and doesn't want anything bad to happen to everyone.


On September 19th 2006, the day she died, Emily was finished at school and was supposed to be taken home that late Friday afternoon. Her parents had to work and couldn't come. So Alice told Emily to come in her taxi and have a sleepover at her house.

tragically killed in a brutal car accident, leaving Alice as the only survivor.

Her parents were grief-striken and miserable, decided to move to Australia and never came back since.


Emily has short blonde hair, an oval face with freckles and sky-blue eyes. She is 4'3f tall and slim. She also had a sweet smile.


Emily was so lively and confident that she loves to play and make daisy chain crowns.

She had a glow about her.

She can be clever and funny too.

Emily obviously cares about Alice. She also seems mature for her age, as she was calm before her death.

Skills and InterestsEdit

Emily was very talented in her studies and won a lot of awards at her school.

Emily loved animals so much that she wanted to be a vet when she grew up.







  • Her birthday is April 18th 1996.
  • Her nickname was Em.