Elizabeth Turner (nee Mayfield) is the great-grandmother of Alice and Darren Turner. She is a gifted psychic who dreams about the future and has telepathic abilities.

Elizabeth was the eldest of two sibilings Loretta and Patrick. Her parents were wealthy. At the age of 11, She and her family were moving from Ireland toward America when a terrible storm capsides the ship. Young Elizabeth fell into the sea and watches helplessly as the ship sinks, taking her family and crew with it.

When Elizabeth was close to drowning, she saw visions of strange aliens speaking to her. Then she saw mermaids swimming around her.

Three days later, Elizabeth awoke from her coma. She thought she was dreaming or hallucinating. She had been rescued by the Innsmouth trawlers and was brought back to be cared for. With no other relatives, Elizabeth was forced to live in Innsmouth with her Aunt Agatha. She was a respected member of the cult.

For seven and a half years, Elizabeth has long to escape to the outside world. But her cruel Aunt Agatha forbids it, saying its a treacherous and dangerous place.

Elizabeth has red wavy hair, green-amber eyes and pale skin. She is a beautiful and virtuous woman. She wears a white sleeved shirt, a black skirt and long black boots. She was friendly, clever and kind. She plays the piano in her spare time, relaxing in the tunes.

On her 18th birthday, Elizabeth was told she has to be married to Robert Marsh. She finds him repulsive and creepy. She refuses to marry him many times, prefering to live by herself.

Robert Marsh becomes obsessed with Elizabeth, stalking her. He wants to possess her body as well as her mind. She was his growing passion and object of desire. Elizabeth did not appreciate him at all.

Because of her grandfather's connection to Innsmouth, Elizabeth is partly a Deep One herself.

In the end of Dark Corners of the Earth, it is revealed Elizabeth's father had his mind swapped with a Yithian at the moment of her conception. In flesh, Elizabeth is human. But in her mind, her real father is a Yithian. This was the reason why she has psychic powers in the first place.


  • Penelope Mayfield (mother)
  • Loretta Mayfield (sister)
  • James Turner (husband)
  • Frederick Turner (son)
  • Rita Ann Turner (daughter-in-law)
  • Cheryl Turner (granddaughter)
  • Holly Turner (granddaughter)


  • Her birthday is November 25th 1914.