Debbie was forced to fight for her life when the xenomorphs broke free and start killing everyone onboard the space station. Trapped and alone, Debbie must face swarms of xenomorphs. She is armed with a pistol, flamethrower, flashlight, grenades and a com-link. There is limited ammunistion so she must collect certain items to get through areas that are off limits. When she runs out of ammo, Debbie will run for her life and hide until the creatures are gone. She is vunerable and sometimes has to rely on her knowledge and evasion which grew to violence. She must navigate through the dark maze-like environment of the space station. She finds food supplies and ammunition if she wants to survive. She uses her phone to record video diaries of her terrifying experience. She reacts to unexpected attacks from enemies. Xenomorphs lurk in areas that are consealed from Debbie's view. Areas such as, crawling in the ducts and on the ceilings. One of the tactics was to turn the environment against them. Such as exploding chemical tanks or set things on fire. In a claustrophobic moment, Debbie must travel through the vents to reach the other side of sealed doors.


Debbie wears her mother's crystal blue pendant. It has been in her family for generations.


Skills and InterestsEdit