Darren Turner is the deuteragonist of 'The Diary of Alice Turner' fanfiction series.                                    


Darren Nicholas Turner was born in July 14th 1998 to George and Abigail Turner. He has an older sister called Alice and are close.

He was too young to remember what memories he had at his childhood home of Coventry.

However because Darren is 16 months younger than Alice, this still does not fit her ideal companionship. He is the only one Alice trusts and shares empathy with her.

Darren attended Greenwich Middleton High School with his sister. He excelled in computers, sports and mathematics. He is a respected member of his school's badminton team.


Darren has short brown hair and strong blue eyes with pale skin.

Age 8:

Age 11: Dark green T-shirt, reddish-brown jacket with black stripes, jeans and sneakers

Age 13:

Age 14:


with a reckless streak

class clown

makes fun of

he has a laidback and carefree attitude

gets cocky when he's winning

Desperate for his parents' approval, Darren does what is asked of him. But through it all, this causes him to grow increasingly withdrawn and lack self-confidence.

appears to be a good-natured, strong, kind person

underneath the surface Darren is insecure and despises himself

Skills and InterestsEdit

He is addicted to playing video games for hours

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee was the first video game Darren ever played since he was four.

Darren can be real prankster. He once hid his Dad's car keys which drove him mad. it wasn't until Darren showed that George realised he was made a fool of.



  • Charles Walker (grandfather)
  • Gwendolyn Walker (grandmother)


  • Joshua
  • Isaac
  • Tyler


Acrophobia - fear of heights

Haemophobia - fear of blood

Entombphobia - fear of insects


"I think you pissed him off."

"As long as the courage in my heart burns, I will never give up!"


  • His birthday is July 14th 1998.
  • His nicknames are Daz and Ren.
  • During his childhood, Darren usually addressed his sister as 'Ally' because he had difficulty pronouncing her name.