Borgs are symbiotic lifeforms who are part of the Drill Clan. Their sole purpose is to protect their hosts, incapaciate and capture any aliens. The Borgs are worn on their hosts' heads. They feed on the waste of their hosts. They are capable of extending dozens of prehensible drill-tentacles to attack or defend themselves and their hosts. Once attached to a Borg long enough, the host will gain their abilities.

Yuri's Borg

Her Borg is red. He often gets confused and lashes out due to Yuri struggling to control her emotions. He is a bit unpreditable, sarcastic and cynical. He mothers and insults Yuri for being a crybaby, but protects her nonetheless.

Kumi's Borg

Her Borg is blue. He is wise, confident and serious, like Kumi. He's very reliable, especially when he does what he is instructed. He comforts Kumi with gentle words whenever she needs it.

Kasumi's Borg

Her Borg is pink. He doesn't speak very much, like Kasumi.