Alice Turner is the protagonist of The Diary of Alice Turner fanfiction series.


Alice Madeline Turner was born in Marsh 1st 1997 to her parents George and Abigail Turner. At sixteen months old, her younger brother Darren was born. She originally lived in her childhood town of Warwickshire, Coventry. She was raised in a sheltered life. Her parents refused to let her out their sight or go out on her own without them knowing.

In January 13th 2002, Alice attended primary school for the first time. The little girl was lonely without her parents and didn't know anyone so she played by herself. Then she met another girl called Emily Robbins and they became best friends. Every weekend, Alice and Emily used to meet at Bedworth Park and played together on the swings, happily went down the tunnel slide, etc. During summer, they told each other what they want to be when they grow up. Alice wanted to be a talented artist and Emily wanted to be a vet because she loves animals. They imagine themselves travelling the world and having adventures.

In September 19th 2006, Alice and Emily were on their way home from school in a taxi on the highway when a terrible storm came. The taxi was battered about by the heavy rain and strong winds, pushing it onto the wrong road and ends up facing a lorry, much to the children's horror. The vehicle was knocked aside, rolling down into a ditch and impacts into an upside down position. Returning to conciousness, Alice found herself hanging upside down from her seatbelt. She was alive but was badly injured with a broken arm and head injury. When she freed herself, Alice fell and landed onto the floor, screaming in agony. Then she crawled across the broken glass, suffering multiple cuts on her arms and legs, towards the way out. Her best friend Emily Robbins was spawled across, causing Alice to be emotionally truamatized and repressed the memory of Emily's final moments.

Realising that Emily was impaled in the abdomen, Alice pleads for her not to die. Emily dies from her injuries in front of Alice moments later.

Their families recieves the horrible news

The paramedics and the police arrived at the crash site soon after and Alice was hospitalized. She was examined by x-rays and doctors, giving her a seditive to spare her the physical pain. Soon, Alice came out of sedation, seeing bright lights and blurry shapes. It was like waking up from a dream. As her vision clears, Alice realised she was in the hospital for intensive care. She saw her parents' faces. They frantically came to visit their daughter, telling her about the car accident and happy that she is alive. But when Alice asked for Emily's whereabouts, her father told her she is dead.

Striken with overwhelming guilt, Alice had become inconsolable. She remembers letting go of Emily's hand before the impact and grabbed onto the car handle door. The doctor told her worried parents that she may be suffering from shock and that the trauma is responsible for her memory loss.

A week later, Alice was released from hospital, though she still wears a cast for her broken arm. She was able to attend Emily's funeral with her family but refuses to cry in front of everyone. Emily's parents thought Alice was totally heartless for not being upset. The truth is that Alice was heeding some of Emily's last words from her latest nightmare: "Don't cry, Ally..."

When Alice returned to school, she was depressive and anti-social. Because she wouldn't speak, she was mercilessly bullied by the other children. In return, Alice fought back with great rage, screaming: "Leave me alone!" or "Go away!". To make things worse, a nosy journelist kept bugging Alice about her car accident experience. When her father eventually found out from the headmistress, he was so angry that he punched the guy on the nose and put out a restraining order against him.

The hospital leaked out information that Alice was still awake and was by Emily's body when the ambulence arrived. That was when Mr. and Mrs. Robbins think Alice may be lying about her memory loss.

Her father received a job in Greenwich and the family decided to move away from Coventry. Uncle Brandon is a lorry driver and he helped out with the moving. After a year, Alice still didn't speak. It seemed like she was obilivous to her surroundings.

Alice has recurring nightmares of the accident, tormenting her to no end.

Her parents sent Alice to a clinic under the care of child psychologist Dr. Karen Stokes. Alice was diaginozed with survivor's guilt, a mental condition which regards herself as insignificant and blames herself. Dr. Stokes attempt bring the girl out of her shell to little success. After a few days, Dr. Stokes introduced a non-speaking method to Alice by making her to draw and express herself. Soon, Alice made dozens of drawings of her memories in Bedworth Park, her family and Emily that all looked dismal.

Three years later, Alice seemed to have recovered from her depression. She had grown obsessed creativity and science fiction, alienating herself from society as a quiet but hardworking girl. However, she remains anxious of the unknown

Emily was a hardworking achiever and was loved by everyone, unlike Alice who was always overshadowed by her averageness. For that, Alice considers herself unworthy of living.

Characteristic symptoms inculding anxiety and depression, social withdrawal, sleep disturbance and nightmares, physical complaints and emotional lability with loss of drive. Survivors feel guilty that they have survived the trauma and others - such as their family, friends, and colleagues - did not.

have trouble going through everyday tasks; the anxiety and lack of sleep caused by the fearful dreams would hinder the individual from completing every day jobs efficiently and correctly.

Nightmares can be caused by extreme stress or anxiety. the death of a loved one or a stressful life event can be enough to cause a nightmare

During the nightmare, the sleeper may groan and move slightly. The victim is often awakened by these threatening and frightening dreams and can often vividly remember the experience. Upon awakening, the sleeper is unusally alert and oriented within their surroundings but may have an increased heart rate and symptoms of anixety, like sweating. They may have trouble falling back to sleep for fear they will experience another nightmare.

Despite the improvement, Alice is still suffering from reccuring nightmares of the car accident that keeps her from moving on. When people tried to make her forget about Emily, Alice pushed them away by letting her anger out which brought more frustration. She hated her recurring bad dreams and wished that they would end. her frequent bad dream keeps replaying the car accident, over and over again.

attempts to make her forget

Alice's self loathing intensifies as she blames herself for not being the 'perfect' daughter.

Alice appeared disconnected from her parents and other kids her age too. She seemed melanchonly, preferring to draw, write and play video games than talk or be with involved in kids' activities.  For that, a bully called Keith Billings has taunted and ridiculed her.

Through her long and emotional journey, Alice slowly reaches out.

growing self-confidence


Alice is a half British and half American girl. Her hair is red mixed with ginger and is wavy and long. Her eyes are green-amber, related to an Irish ancestry on her mother's side.  Her body is slim and healthy. Her skin is fair but healthy and has ruby lips. She regularly tries to exercise due to being called overweight when she was younger. She has faint scars on her arms and legs where she suffered from a car accident as a child.

As a child, Alice wore her primary school uniform when she lived in Coventry: white shirt, wrapped around a red cardigan. Her black skirt is worn over her white socks and shoes. Her red hair was held back in a band.

Alice was described as a tomboy and hates wearing dresses. Her casual wear comes with jeans, sci-fi t-shirts, jumpers, jackets and shoes. She really doesn't care about her style and would be easily bored at clothes shops, like Primark, British Home Stores, etc.


Alice Turner is a sweet, imaginative and courageous young girl who seems to be capable of achiving anything. However, deep down, she is also lonesome and often keeps people at a distance because she's afraid of trusting strangers. Whenever Alice is deeply distressed or scared, she immediately goes quiet and not say anything. She prefers not to curse words and replaces with "oh, shoot', 'nuts' and 'oh, my gosh' because it would be against her Christian beliefs. She also has anger issues, easily loses it whenever someone insults or hurts her. Due to emotional stress, her nose will bleed. Eventually, she was able to control herself at times. Alice is also sensitive and caring as she cares deeply about her friends and family.

Alice uses humour or sarcasim as a defence mechanism to overcome her worries. Sometimes Alice would hesitate or stutter when she's afraid. But as time goes on, she grows braver, stronger and a little wiser. Emily's death is one of the many losses that would attribute to Alice's survivor's guilt and sense of responsibility by helping others deal with traumatic situations.

Skills and InterestsEdit

Alice is a talented artist and loves to draw practically anything related to fantasy, science fiction and adventure. She also writes her thoughts and experiences down in diaries. It was a chance to look back on her life and remember the good times. Alice loves playing video games so much that she'll spend hours indoors until they're 100% completed.

In Mass Effect, Alice had learned to be an average fighter in hand-to-hand combat and weaponry.



George Turner (father)

Alice has a close relationship with her Dad, despite him working away a lot. She dislikes his aggressive driving whenever a random driver ticks him off.

Abigail Turner (mother)

Alice has a loving relationship with her Mum and helps her out with the housework. They sometimes argue about Alice's childish behaviour but apologizes

Darren Turner (youngest brother)

Charles Walker (grandfather)

Gwendolyn Walker (grandmother)

Alice is her favorite grandchild

Brandon Walker (uncle)

Adam Walker (cousin)

Alice regards her cousin Adam as a little brother. She and Darren still remain close to him as they grew up. She hates her former aunt, Adam's mother, for her bullying and gold-digging schemes that's making Uncle Brandon and Adam's lives miserable.

Roy Walker (uncle)

Uncle Roy is overweight, but still the friendlist man you could meet. He takes Alice and Darren out fishing by the lake, teaching them all he knows.

Monica Walker (aunt)

Ian Walker (cousin)

Jeremy Walker (cousin)

Her cousin Jeremy is like the male version of Alice; forever kind and never judgement of anyone. His nickname is the NeedleNinja, due to him trained in marshal arts.

Frederick Turner (grandfather)

Rita Ann Turner (grandmother)

Cheryl Turner (aunt)

Louis Harper (cousin)

Elliot Harper (cousin)

Her American cousin Elliot is very annoying. He has an addiction to Cheetos and screeches like a spoilt brat.

Holly Turner (aunt)

Aunt Holly lives somewhere in the East coast of America. She is not marriage material.

James Turner (great-grandfather)

Elizabeth Mayfield-Turner (great-grandmother)

William Turner (great-great grandfather)

Christina Turner (great-great grandmother)

Cornelius Mayfield (great-great grandfather)

Penelope Mayfield (great-great grandmother)

Loretta Mayfield (great-aunt)

Patrick Mayfield (great-uncle)

Agatha Mayfield (great-great aunt)


Emily Robbins (best friend)

Ryan Haydon (boyfriend)

Jean Taylor (best friend)


  • Globophobia - fear of balloons
  • Melissophobia - fear of bees
  • Necrophobia - fear of death
  • Atychiphobia - fear of failure
  • Xenophobia - fear of strangers


  • "Nothing is impossible, only if you believe it is."
  • "There is no such thing as coincidence."


  • Her nickname was Ally throughout her childhood until she was a teenager.
  • She used to be afraid of sleeping, dubbing it 'the sleeping crisis'.
  • She has a sense of beauty that allows her to admire everything, such as artwork, nature and people's true nature.
  • Alice thought of commiting suicide one time to escape her fear and suffering. But when she thought of her family going through hell, she couldn't do it.