Agatha Mayfield is a mean and selfish woman. She was tall, skinny and cold. She favors black dresses. She has those jet-black eyes that stare in a frightening way.

She is a cultist and a member of the Esoteric Order of Dagon.

Agatha did not know that Dimension Jumpers existed at the time. She was somehow whisked away to Innsmouth. She discovered her family's legacy and became obsessed with the Order of Dagon.

After the death of Elizabeth's family, Agatha had to look after her niece. They live in a rundown house in the streets of Innsmouth. Instead of caring for Elizabeth, Agatha forced her to always behave like a lady and obey the rules.

Should Elizabeth misbehave, Agatha would lock her in a cellar as a punishment or send her to bed without supper. Sometimes she would hit her too.

She was very protective and strict with her niece, for the Order of Dagon have plans for the girl.

After Elizabeth's 18th birthday, Agatha tries set the girl up for marriage, especially with the Marsh family.

Lately, Agatha has been developing fish-like attributes. She kept her face hidden under veil like she was attending a funeral.